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How to start with abo-drive

You must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a driving license valid in the EU. For some vehicles, the minimum age can also be 25 years.

No, with us you can subscribe to your car without any down payment, starting fee or other initial costs. subscribe. That means, at the beginning you will not have any additional costs. To drive your new car you only pay the monthly subscription fee and your fuel.

• Tax and insurance
• Maintenance and repairs
• Vignette
• Season tires

This depends on the subscription model you have chosen.

This depends on the vehicle you have chosen. However, this information is for each vehicle in the detailed description.

All about the vehicle

Either pick up your car directly from the dealer or arrange delivery of your vehicle for an additional charge. The price for the delivery varies depending on the distance from the dealer to the destination address. You will receive the delivery prices from our abo-drive partner.

You return your vehicle to the abo-drive partner where you picked it up at the beginning of your subscription. Of course, you could also pay a surcharge for a pickup for book your car. The costs are calculated on the same basis as the delivery costs, i.e. based on the distance of your pick-up location to the abo-drive partner

Besides you, other drivers can be registered on the car. Of course, these be over 18 years old and in possession of a valid driver`s license.

Insurance and damage to the vehicle

Yes, the terms and conditions of the abo-drive partner apply. The amount of the deductible is indicated for each vehicle on the detail page.

During the term

We will forward the documents received to the contact address you provide. For committed traffic offense, our abo-drive partner will charge a maximum of 25,00 € as a processing fee, since here costs for the administrative expenditure result

You can easily change your vehicle car by phone or in writing. It is important here that the notice periods of the abo-drive partner are taken into account

At the end of your booked contract period, you can change your vehicle every month.